A temporary escape

After getting married and having kids my life was becoming dull. I was doing the same routine over and over again for twelve years now and i desperately needed a change. Lately i started to envy my younger brother. His life looked so much better. He found himself a nice girlfriend and they were traveling together while i was stuck at home with my wife and kids. Sure i also had done a lot of fun things with my wife when we were younger but those times are over.

One day i found a magic spell that could fulfil my wish. However, i had to be careful with it, who knows what trouble it could cause. I had doubts but it was the only way to get out of my life, even just for a few days. I focused all my will on the spell and tried my best. It seems like i need more practice with magic. The spell worked, i swapped bodies but not with my brother as i planned to, instead i ended up as his girlfriend Madison.

It looks like i’m stuck for now. In order to get back my body i need to cast a reversal spell which i don’t have at the moment. Worse, i don’t know where to look for it. For now i just have to pretend to be Madison and live her life while looking for the reversal spell. The thing is the more time i spend in this body the more i act like the real Madison. I found out i have now the same interests as her, the same taste in food and clothes and even the same sexual desires. I can’t think of my brother as anyone else but my boyfriend and the times we are having sex is wonderfull. I wonder if i ever change back. Recently i stopped looking for the spell since i have other things in mind. I assure myself that i will look for it later, but somehow i have a feeling that i’m just lying to myself.


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