Disney is for Girls Part 2

Derek had been working at Disney World for two months when he met Lindsey. Lindsey was one of the most attractive girls he had ever seen, and she seemed to really like Disney princesses, always visiting Aurora, and Ariel,and Rapunzel on her many, many visits.

This was good for Derek, as, since he played Aladdin, he was consistently with Jasmine, a character she loved.

Lindsey was hot, but she was usually interested in talking to the princesses, laughing and comparing clothes. Until one day, Derek noticed her visiting Mickey and Minnie at their signings. Every time he saw this, Lindsey would come back a little sexier. Her clothes would become more revealing and her personality would be even bubblier. However, she always wore her Minnie Mouse ears.

After a bit of this, she spent a little less time taking pictures with Jasmine and the other princesses, and a little more time taking them with the princes. Derek didn’t mind, as despite them starting out simple, with just an arm around each other, he noticed her starting to eye his lips, or lightly touching his abs. Once, he complimented her Minnie ears.

“Thank you so much!” she said, as Derek was sure she had just grazed her hand over his butt.

The other princes had noticed too. Clay, who was Flynn Rider, had sworn that she had grabbed his dick once.

Derek decided to take a chance. She obviously had a thing for the princes, and seeing as he was Aladdin, he could probably put that to use. He saw her at the Mickey and Minnie area once, and invited her out for dinner. Laughing, she agreed.

The date was fun, but a little weird, as she talked about Disney the entire time. Thankfully, Derek was pretty into it as well, though it could be grating after a while. It helped that she was extremely hot.

Derek asked her about the areas she liked to visit, and her about her love for the princesses. He then asked about the Mickey and Minnie area. Her smile widened, and she leaned in, twirling her hair, and stating that Minnie was her favorite character.

“Really? Yeah, I love Minnie too. Mickey and Minnie are just iconic, you know?” he said. She nodded, and he felt her felt rubbing his leg. He hadn’t expected this, but maybe she liked someone talking about Minnie?

He then spoke more about his love for the character, and how good of a role model she was. Minnie this, and Minnie that. Her foot moved up his leg, and she suggested they go for a walk.

He kept it up, and she moved in closer and closer to him, before finally pulling him in for a kiss.

He said Minnie as many times as he could, all the way through sex at his place.

He didn’t even mind her singing “A Whole New World” in bed.


“Fascinating. His obsession with the princesses has turned to the princes. But I don’t think it’s as simple as that. He wants to become one of the princesses, and I think sleeping with a princess is the fastest way he sees to doing that. And I think he’s going to keep doing it.”


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