A Mother’s Work 2

Jason spent the afternoon and evening completing all of his mothers, now his, chores. He vacuumed, did laundry and made dinner for Helen, his mother posing as him, and Jane, his sister now daughter. When Helen was around, Jason did his best to act like her. He grimaced on the inside when he called his sister “sweety”, and especially when she called him, “mom”. He knew that his mom was watching him closely, looking for any slip up. After having used the bathroom to pee once and finding it horribly awkward and gross, he knew he couldn’t risk being stuck as his own mother forever. So he did as his mother wanted and pranced around the house pretending to be her, much to his embarrassment and her amusement.

At dinner Jason, Helen and Jane sat around the table eating spaghetti, one of the few dishes Jason knew how to cook well enough. The thought crossed Jason that there were a lot of things his mother did that he was no good at, and he’d have to get good at those things quickly if he wanted to do a good job as his mother. Helen also had considered that, and was interested to see how Jason would handle these things.
“Do you have to use so much sauce mom?” Helen said
“Sorry honey.” Jason choked out “Maybe next time I’ll use oil.” He said taking a bite.
“It’s whatever, I’ll grab some popcorn at the movies.”
“Movies? Isn’t it a school night?” Jason said, proud of his role-playing at that moment.
“Yeah but we’ll be back by 11. We know you and Dad will want some time alone.” Helen said with a peculiar look in her eye. Jason panicked on the inside. He searched for what his mom could be referring to.

“Oh right, happy anniversary, mom.” Jane said to Jason, barely looking up from her phone and her plate. Jason shot a look of confusion and worry at Helen, who smiled slightly before going back to her meal.

Jason spent the rest of the meal nervous beyond belief. There were butterflies in his stomach as he thought about what the rest of the night had in store for him. Meanwhile Helen seemed overjoyed by the situation. Not long after, Jason heard the front door open and knew this was about the time his father usually got home. Helen gave Jason one more evil smile before she and Jane got up.

“Happy anniversary, Dad.” Helen said on his way out.
“Thanks son.” Jason’s Father John said to Helen, unaware that she wasn’t really his son. John looked over to Jason and smiled a lusty grin. Jason saw nothing else to do but scarf a forkful of pasta and smile back. John bent down for a kiss but Jason was able to politely push him away by gesturing to his full mouth.
“Well happy anniversary to you to.” John said, grabbing a beer from the fridge. Jason swallowed his food and spoke
“Happy anniversary sweety!” He beamed, trying to sound as much like his mom as he could and troubled by how well he was able to do it. Jason wiped his mouth and got up. “You relax. I’m gonna go freshen up. I can’t kiss you with garlic mouth.” Jason said as he forced a giggle and left toward the master bathroom.
“Hasn’t stopped you before.” John said as Jason left.

In the bathroom, Jason locked the door and took a moment to calm himself. After brushing his teeth, he resolved to just go with it. It’s not like it was his choice, it was his mother making him do it. He took a deep breath and opened the door, to see his father sprawled out on his parent’s king sized bed waiting for him.

“Well hello there my beautiful wife.” John said.
“Oh hey there, have I ever told you how sexy you are?” Jason said, stepping closer to his father, as much as his mind told him to run away.
“There’s a first time for everything.” John quipped, making Jason giggle sincerely. Mid-giggle, John pulled Jason onto the bed and began to passionately kiss him. John was disgusted but had to go with it. He tried to ignore his father’s scratchy face, his gross coffee breath, his probing strong tongue, his heavy strong hands squeezing John’s fleshy, soft ass, but it was such a sensory overload that John could ignore none of it. He was physically dominated by his fathers strength and sensuality.
“I love you, Helen.” John said, between heavy breaths.
“I love you too… John.” Jason said, wanting to gag but breathing heavy despite it. He then let out a shocked gasp as John pulled Jason’s dress over his head and push John gently to his knees. Jason felt the cold air on his hard nipples and realized his head was only inches from his father’s dick. Jason looked at his fathers crotch in fear.
“Something wrong baby?” John asked. Jason shook himself from his hesitation, looked at his father, and plastered a smile onto his face.
“Nothings wrong sweety, just getting situated.” He said, his heard beating out of his chest as he undid his father’s button and fly.


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