Am I still up for the army?

Robert felt he might have made a mistake returning to the forces so soon after the great shift.

Even though he passed his basic training and regained his rank he was still not confident in his new bodies abilities and for the first time in his military career he was scared of going out on live fire practice.

He did not feel as confident as he used to be with his old well trained and toned body everything was just heavier and took twice as long to do and he wasn’t sure that his new body was built for the rough and tumble life of the army.

But he was willing to give it one last shot as the army was the only life he knew since he was 18 years old and even though he didn’t look it anymore.

He had 25 years serving his country under his belt and maybe it was now time to do something new as he sat there with butterflies in his stomach waiting for the orders to disembark & for the exercise to start.


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