A mile

You of course know the old wise saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. But as Chad moaned and his girlfriend Marilyn pounded him from behind in his body, with his cock, he realized that old adages could be repackaged in the new age.

“Oh, oh!” Chad cried. Based on the rate of pumping and the 8 solid inches of cock he used to be so proud of, Chad estimate that his pussy had now already taken in three-quarters of a mile of cock. That was much more than any man should have to take.

It had all started when after some stupid fight over nothing (you know, the kind that couples have periodically), Chad had stormed out of the house and his girlfriend Marilyn had called her mom to cry over the phone. When Chad returned home after a few drinks at the bar with some flowers to apologize, he found his mother-in-law Kathy in the living room glaring daggers at him. “You, mister, have a lot to learn about what Marilyn wants,” she said, and she started waggling her fingers. “A mile is what you need. Endure a mile as Marilyn my darling daughter, and don’t you dare hurt her.” She left soon afterwards, just imparting a few more parting words of advice about “magical limitations in case of coitus.”

This all unnerved Chad, but he tried to shrug it off. However, a few minutes later Marilyn’s car pulled in after a hard day at the office. When she stepped in and their eyes met, Chad immediately found himself in her body and her pantyhose and shoes and smelling her perfume; and as he gasped in astonishment, he saw his former body sit down and grin.

“Surprised, honey? Mom called to tell me to expect something special and sexual,” said Marilyn. “Why don’t you show me some of it?”

Chad realized he’d better cooperate, so he kicked off his heels and grabbed his former cock to drag Marilyn in his body to bed for some loving. She tore the pantyhose and started ramming her cock up his cunt from behind. He had to admit that he felt immense pleasure, especially after he’d gotten over the initial shock of penetration which every man would feel. Oh, the pleasure was building up, it was coming!

“Oh my god, sweetie,” he panted, feeling his tits sway and a bead of sweat work its way down into his cleavage. “Oh, oh!” As he passed his second or third womanly orgasm, however, the parting words of his mother-in-law Kathy (well, now technically his mom) struck him and he sobered up quick.

“Wait a sec, honey,” Chad said, trying to process what she’d said to him. “Your mom Kathy, she was here earlier, and she said…oh!…wait my sweet, this is important and…oh!…she said if we reach a mile she’ll swap us back, but magic won’t allow it if sperm are in me or I’m pregnant, I mean in your body. So pull out sweetie, and let’s not do anything rash.”

Marilyn just grunted and kept on ramming him. In fact, she seemed to be enjoying this swap entirely too well: did she plan this?! Chad felt true panic at that moment and began to struggle. “Marilyn! Mary please, what are you doing? Don’t cum in me, I’m…oh no…no, don’t do it!” he cried as he tried to remove the dick, but he was too weak now and Marilyn was determined to finish. He begged: “Pull out! Pull out dammit, she said we can’t change back if…ugh…noooo!” Then he felt his pussy fill with his former cum, and as he passed out he knew that Marilyn wanted it this way.

When he came to, she was gone, but there was a note on the table. “Welcome to womanhood Chad, or should I call you Marilyn now? It’s not an easy ride, I’ll admit, but it’s not a bad one either. I’ve come to love the simplicity of being a man, and I’m gonna take it with me and explore the world. Don’t bother looking for me; but here’s some advice before I go: get some douche and use it daily for the fishy twat that is all yours now, take a birth control pill (over the counter) monthly, and be sure to take care of your feet. As for the rest, you’ll learn soon enough.”

“You’re now a woman, Marilyn. Walk a mile. I recommend my 3-inch pumps.”


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