Fiona Fellatio

Ted had everything, and when he found a genie on one of his many islands, he wasn’t sure what to wish for. Then he got an idea.

“Genie, I wish to experience Fellatio in a whole new way,” said Ted.

“Granted Mistress Fiona,” said the genie who then vanished.

Ted thought, “Why did the genie call him Mistress Fiona?”

Then suddenly he was on his couch naked with massive boobs on his chest, long hair, and a pussy, being pounded by his buddy Tad, while he was tasting the side of his buddy Jed’s huge penis!

Jed spoke, “Oh, Fiona, you’re so hot to take us both on at once, and you are great at blowjobs, no wonder they call you Fiona Fellatio!”

As the new Fiona tasted her new man, she realized her mistake, she was now experiencing fellatio from the female side of things, grabbing that huge cock in her dainty new hand as she tasted and smelled the manly member, a member she in fact no longer possessed! All this while feeing her new vagina being penetrated by the horny Tad. Fiona felt extreme female pleasure, but still stunned to be on the receiving end!

Fiona tried to get something close to what she got before with blowjobs, asking to be eaten out, upon which Jed replied, “Fiona no offense, but I don’t want to get into that fish store down there, just suck my cock.”

Fiona wanted to rip Jed’s cock off, but she was too turned on by it to do so! The genie was thorough, as he now had new desires for men he never had before! Fiona Fellatio still had all her money and possessions, but when it came to relationships, she was now the possession on the receiving end of things for good as the genie was gone.


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