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male essence for rent

Your life is close to perfection. You are finally feeling happy.
Since you were young you wondered what it would feel like to be a woman. You would be laying in bed tucking your dick away at night in bed, fantasizing you are no longer carrying a penis but you’d have a pussy between your legs. As you grew older it would be the main fantasy you were jerking off on, feeling your dick harden and cumming very hard as you fantasized about not having a dick. Read more

Take it

Chris moaned in his fiance’s body but felt a hint of danger. They’d already climaxed twice today, and didn’t the spell say something about not getting to 3? Read more


Patricia was fed up with her brother Harold. She’d taken him in after he became unemployed, but all he did was sleep half-naked on the couch and drink all the booze; not once did he take a shower, and frankly he stank. Her nose wrinkled up just thinking about it. Being a magic practitioner, she thought of a way to teach him some basic hygiene. Read more

A mile

You of course know the old wise saying about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. But as Chad moaned and his girlfriend Marilyn pounded him from behind in his body, with his cock, he realized that old adages could be repackaged in the new age. Read more