A different night

Every night I had been doing the same thing, and I didn’t expect that night to be any different. For at least one month, I had been using a bodysuit to disguise myself as Amy, a sweet brunette that likes to flirt with other women. Usually after coming back from work, I’d put the bodysuit on, and go out clubbing.

The suit made me look like a 22 year old girl. Amy is quite cute, and somewhat sexy, she has a couple of tattoos, and long dark hair. Anyways, tonight, as I got home, I heard a familiar women’s voice. I quickly headed to my room, where I found a topless Amy, biting her pinky finger, and dancing sexily. “Do you like me?” she asked me. I couldn’t believe it, either someone else was wearing the bodysuit or it had taken a life of its own. “I like you when I wear you” I said. “Well, I do want you inside of me, but in a different way”.

She came close to me and started kissing me. It got better when she kneeled down and started giving me a blowjob. As you might guess, we had sex. Amy was quite kinky. She said several times that she loved me, and moaned like a crazy bimbo.

Afterwards, I asked her who she really was, to which she replied “what do you mean? I am your girlfriend Amy”. I knew the suit had a memory wipe button hidden behind its left ear, maybe the current wearer used the button, or maybe he/she is pretending.

We continued dating, and we have kept doing so for 6 months. I haven’t learned who it really is inside the bodysuit. But since I haven’t seen my friend James since I met Amy, I have a pretty good idea.


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