Bodysuit 4

“Fuck man! That’s disgusting!” I shouted as my best friend finished all over my bodysuit’s huge jugs. It was his birthday, and I knew FemmCo. suits were practically like having real boobs (though they felt lighter, and almost like they were filled with jelly instead of real titflesh), so I bought one with one of the biggest breast settings, and let him have some fun. I didn’t think he was going to cum all over it though!
“I’m sorry! They just feel so real!” he said.
“It’s fine, just help me get the thing off,” I told him and he went around behind me to undo the zipper.
“Uh, where’s the zipper again?”
Idiot. “It’s at the top of my neck, right under the…hair…line…” my voice drifted off as I reached back and found myself unable to find the zipper. I jumped off the bed and ran to get the suit’s manual, feeling something different in my chest. The suit’s tits felt a lot heavier and firmer, almost like real tits.
I got the manual and flipped to the warnings in the back:
“DO NOT allow semen to come into contact with the suit. Doing so will cause it to bind to the wearer and become permanent.” I dropped the manual from my shaking hands. “P-permanent…” I stuttered out. I looked down at my chest. “Permanent?!”
“What, what is it?”
“Your jizz made this suit permanent! These are my fucking tits now! This whole body is mine!” And if this body is mine then-
“And YOUR CUM IS ON MY SKIN!!” I screamed at him and kicked him out of my house before walking down the hall to the shower to wash this disgusting mess off my-
Off my tits.


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