A Certain Point

“Dude, could you go faster! I think my boobs are groooowwwwaahhh!” my best friend shouted from my passenger seat. He had been effected by the Gender Virus, and had been changing into a woman for the past few hours. Finally he made me drive him to the hospital to hope they had some sort of cure or antidote. We read online that up to a certain point it can be reversed. What that certain point was, the website didn’t say.
“I have tits?!” he screamed and I tossed a quick glance. My eyes widened before turning quickly back to the road. More yelling came from beside me, but I didn’t have to wonder long what it was about this time.
“MY DICK’S GONE!!!” my best friend shrieked. “PULL OVER!” I did as I was told, and as soon as I had stopped the car the woman in my passenger seat stumbled out, boobs jiggling.
“I’m a woman now!” she said hoarsely. I nodded, suddenly noticing I was now calling my best friend “she”. “I think we found the point of no return.”

(reupload of caption by @TigBiddies)


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