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This Isn’t Me

Ever since this happened my minds gone crazier and crazier. I went from man to woman and despite my initial panic I was ok but my minds changing. I seem to be consistently losing my intellectual talent and my interests keep on changing. I went from liking cars and sports to being obsessed with lipsticks, lingerie, skirts and heels. What’s most concerning is my desire for men. I can’t stop thinking about cock and my desperate need for one inside me. What’s happening to me? This isn’t me.


Andy couldn’t believe it. He had become Andrea due to a foolish dare. He never anticipated he, she, would be be squatting on the side of the road desperately urinating. Andrea was unsure of what to do. It wasn’t something Andy had experience in. She slipped her jeans down and gently squatted. Then the oozing warm liquid fired out her pussy like a cannon. She was intrigued by this flow and never had urine been so interesting. Wow, being a girl is definitely different thought Andrea.


I walked around to the back seat but the driver motioned me towards the front. This was my first time calling an Uber but I could’ve sworn people typically sat in the back.
“Hi,” I said, looking at the driver. He didn’t respond. Instead, he silently shifted the car into drive without even asking where I wanted to go.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
“You’ll see,” he said, looking straight ahead. He reached his hand over to the climate control and blasted the fans on. Pink powder shot from the vents covering us both. I tried to cough but instead the powder just filled my mouth. I watched him sit silently as he let the dust consume his body. I couldn’t turn away as he calmly drove with the pink powder soaking into his skin.
“Whaaa *cough* whas hapning…” I struggled to say, my voice slurry and soft. The man didn’t look. I could feel a heat building inside of me as I consumed more and more of the powder. My thoughts were getting fuzzier and fuzzier. Was I always wearing a tank top? Have I always had boobs? I looked back at my driver. I don’t get how this didn’t bother her! Was she a girl when I first got into the car? I looked down at myself, admiring how tan my legs were looking. The powder finally stopped spraying from the vents.
“Chelsea, I’m so fucking pumped for this concert tonight,” the driver said, looking at me.
“Wha…” I tried to reply, my mind still feeling sticky and numb.
“Plus, to be honest, you look super good.”
I reached up to the mirror and pulled it down. Damn, Megan was right, I looked like a fucking bombshell. Tonight was going to rock!

Empty monorail

It was really weird to find a completely empty monorail car, expecially at peak hour. I sat ocuppying two seats. As the train started moving, the light started to flicker. I jumped, scared, when I saw a man standing infront of me. As I was about to scream, I noticed he was taking pictures. Read more

A Certain Point

“Dude, could you go faster! I think my boobs are groooowwwwaahhh!” my best friend shouted from my passenger seat. He had been effected by the Gender Virus, and had been changing into a woman for the past few hours. Finally he made me drive him to the hospital to hope they had some sort of cure or antidote. We read online that up to a certain point it can be reversed. What that certain point was, the website didn’t say.
“I have tits?!” he screamed and I tossed a quick glance. My eyes widened before turning quickly back to the road. More yelling came from beside me, but I didn’t have to wonder long what it was about this time.
“MY DICK’S GONE!!!” my best friend shrieked. “PULL OVER!” I did as I was told, and as soon as I had stopped the car the woman in my passenger seat stumbled out, boobs jiggling.
“I’m a woman now!” she said hoarsely. I nodded, suddenly noticing I was now calling my best friend “she”. “I think we found the point of no return.”
Read more

While I was driving

I had just bought a drink from a store at the mall. The store selled antiques, but for some reason, I felt really thirsty when I passed by, and the owner sold me the drink for 1 dollar. It tasted kind of sour, but I didn’t give it much thought. Read more