Dream Body

“Really? You’re a genie?” I said to the woman who had stopped me on the sidewalk.
“Yes, well, a certain kind,” she said. “I don’t really grant wishes, but I do give gifts. I can grant you the gift of your dream body, if you only ask me for it.”
I raised an eyebrow at her, but decided to humor her, “Alright, fine: give me my dream body.” The woman snapped her fingers, and said, “There. Now run home: you’ll want to be in private for this.” Then she ran back down the alley she had come from. I tried to chase after her, but when I rounded the corner she was gone.
I shrugged it off, but something in the back of my mind made me want to listen to what she said. So I went straight home, and quickly.
As soon as I closed my front door behind me I started to notice changes. For some reason it started in my clothes. My shirt got much shorter and turned a dark blue color, the neckline forming a big u-neck. The fabric also felt softer. Next my pants got this weird white bubble pattern before fusing together. Suddenly I was wearing a skirt.
“What’s the deal with-” i started to say, but my voice sounded unfamiliar. “Has my voice always been this high?” I wondered aloud, listening closely. Aimlessly I scratched at my chest as I said random words, trying to figure out what was going on with my voice. My attention quickly changed to my chest though, as I felt much more squish than I was used to.
“What?!” I shouted in my higher voice, staring at the mounds growing beneath my shirt. “T-t-tits?! Why do I have ti-AH!” A sharp pain came to my groin and my hands shot down. But they weren’t met with the mass of my usual package, instead I felt…
Nothing. There was nothing between my legs now. I lifted the skirt and tried to see over my still growing breasts, but it was difficult. “I have to get a better look at this,” I said before going to the laundry room to look into the mirror. I didn’t even notice the swaying of my hips as I walked.
When I got there it was a bit of a shock. “I’m a woman!” I said. “A real woman! With tits and-” I lifted my skirt. “A vagina and I’m wearing a skirt and my voice is high and my face is…kinda cute.” I smirked, looking at my new face. Suddenly I wondered what else my skirt was hiding. I spun around giddily and lifted it. “Holy shit! That’s gotta be the biggest ass I’ve ever seen!” It was huge and sexy, and somehow made me even happier. I smiled at myself in the mirror, looking over my shoulder as I gave my booty a playful slap.
“I guess that genie really did give me my dream body, even if I didn’t know it.”

(reupload of caption by @TigBiddies)


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