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Make a Wife

“Dude, seriously?” my best friend asked, peeking his (now her) head out of the bathroom. “Did you have to use your change-water device to change me into a woman? And a busty one too? C’mon, change me back.”
“Nah, sorry,” I told her with a shrug. “I like you like this.”
“Come on, this isn’t funny! Change me back!” she moaned.
“I told you: no,” I said. “You know I don’t have the easiest time with the ladies. Well, why waste time finding a wife, when my device could make one?”
“Ew!” she shouted, before slamming the bathroom door shut. “Why the fuck would I ever be your wife?!”
“Just wait until the mental changes sink in.”
“What? Honey, what mental changes?” she said. I smirked.
“Oh, you’ll see,” I said. “Can I come in?” Silence. Maybe she hadn’t changed completely yet.
“Sure, just let me wrap a towel on,” she said. It worked! I opened the bathroom door and looked in.
There she was, a towel wrapped around her head, her massive breasts exposed, her nipples hard in the cold air. “Well baby, are you going to just stare at them, or are we going to have some fun?”

A Closer Look

“Hey, thanks for giving me a ride Mr.,” the busty topless woman said as she got into my car.
“Oh no problem, really,” I said, trying not to make eye-contact with her large exposed breasts, and failing.
“Don’t worry,” she said coyly as she buckled her seatbelt. “I know exactly why you picked me up, and maybe when we get to my house you’ll get a bitter look.” She winked and gave me her address and we started off.
It only took maybe fifteen minutes to get there, and when we did she unbuckled and got out, closed the door, and took a few steps away from my car.
“Oh! Right,” she said. “I promised you a closer look…” Her voice trailed off and she snapped her fingers. Instantly my mind went fuzzy, and when it cleared i was outside my car.
“Have fun with ’em!” my voice said from behind me as my car sped off. I breathed heavily as I looked down and screamed. “Tits?! I’ve got tits?!” No, not just any tits, I have HER tits! I looked to the house that was now mine and walked towards the front door, my new assets wobbling and upsetting my balance. I tried to hold them in place, but my arm brushed against my nipples, causing a feeling of pleasure I had never felt before.
“Great, so not only are they huge, they’re sensitive too,” I muttered as I opened the door and stepped inside. Now safely on my own I hefted my new breasts. They were heavy, heavier than I expected, even given their size. And they were mine now.
She wasn’t lying when she said I’d get a “closer look.”

Big Tits Too

“Seriously dude?! You used your one wish to turn me into a girl?!” I shouted at my best friend Tim.
“Yeah, though I thought I wished for you to have big tits too…” he said, not caring that I was now stuck as a woman for the rest of my life! I had already used my wish, and now Tim had wasted his!
“Well thank goodness that didn’t happen! I don’t want to be a girl, but being flat-chested like this is better than-” I stopped short. I felt a sudden pressure building in my chest. And when I looked down I saw the rest of Tim’s wish coming true.
Two soft mounts were swelling beneath my already tight button-down shirt, and they weren’t stopping. Within minutes they were straining the buttons of my shirt, and I was gasping from the pressure of trying to contain my now massive tits.
Suddenly a release! My buttons snapped, sending my breasts jiggling free (much to Tim’s enjoyment). I breathed a sigh of relief, but that quickly turned back to rage.
“There, happy now?!”
“Oh yes,” Tim said. “Now how about giving me a closer look?”
“Hell no!” I said, slapping his hand away. “I’m going to the mall to go buy some clothes that will actually fit these monsters, and when I come back, you’d better be gone.” I left the room, trying to ignore the swaying of the massive assets now stuck to my chest. I knew Tim was staring, but I didn’t care. I had a feeling I was going to have to get used to stares.
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A Certain Point

“Dude, could you go faster! I think my boobs are groooowwwwaahhh!” my best friend shouted from my passenger seat. He had been effected by the Gender Virus, and had been changing into a woman for the past few hours. Finally he made me drive him to the hospital to hope they had some sort of cure or antidote. We read online that up to a certain point it can be reversed. What that certain point was, the website didn’t say.
“I have tits?!” he screamed and I tossed a quick glance. My eyes widened before turning quickly back to the road. More yelling came from beside me, but I didn’t have to wonder long what it was about this time.
“MY DICK’S GONE!!!” my best friend shrieked. “PULL OVER!” I did as I was told, and as soon as I had stopped the car the woman in my passenger seat stumbled out, boobs jiggling.
“I’m a woman now!” she said hoarsely. I nodded, suddenly noticing I was now calling my best friend “she”. “I think we found the point of no return.”
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Dream Body

“Really? You’re a genie?” I said to the woman who had stopped me on the sidewalk.
“Yes, well, a certain kind,” she said. “I don’t really grant wishes, but I do give gifts. I can grant you the gift of your dream body, if you only ask me for it.”
I raised an eyebrow at her, but decided to humor her, “Alright, fine: give me my dream body.” The woman snapped her fingers, and said, “There. Now run home: you’ll want to be in private for this.” Then she ran back down the alley she had come from. I tried to chase after her, but when I rounded the corner she was gone.
I shrugged it off, but something in the back of my mind made me want to listen to what she said. So I went straight home, and quickly.
As soon as I closed my front door behind me I started to notice changes. For some reason it started in my clothes. My shirt got much shorter and turned a dark blue color, the neckline forming a big u-neck. The fabric also felt softer. Next my pants got this weird white bubble pattern before fusing together. Suddenly I was wearing a skirt.
“What’s the deal with-” i started to say, but my voice sounded unfamiliar. “Has my voice always been this high?” I wondered aloud, listening closely. Aimlessly I scratched at my chest as I said random words, trying to figure out what was going on with my voice. My attention quickly changed to my chest though, as I felt much more squish than I was used to.
“What?!” I shouted in my higher voice, staring at the mounds growing beneath my shirt. “T-t-tits?! Why do I have ti-AH!” A sharp pain came to my groin and my hands shot down. But they weren’t met with the mass of my usual package, instead I felt…
Nothing. There was nothing between my legs now. I lifted the skirt and tried to see over my still growing breasts, but it was difficult. “I have to get a better look at this,” I said before going to the laundry room to look into the mirror. I didn’t even notice the swaying of my hips as I walked.
When I got there it was a bit of a shock. “I’m a woman!” I said. “A real woman! With tits and-” I lifted my skirt. “A vagina and I’m wearing a skirt and my voice is high and my face is…kinda cute.” I smirked, looking at my new face. Suddenly I wondered what else my skirt was hiding. I spun around giddily and lifted it. “Holy shit! That’s gotta be the biggest ass I’ve ever seen!” It was huge and sexy, and somehow made me even happier. I smiled at myself in the mirror, looking over my shoulder as I gave my booty a playful slap.
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