A better sister

This is my older sister Katie, or at least she seems to be her. In reality it was my best friend James in her body. Two months ago my sister and my friend misteriously swapped bodies during a storm. You see, my sister was considered very slutty. She often came back home late at night, she thought that life is all about partying and i don’t even want to think how many guys she slept with. But when James took over her body he decided to make a change. If he had to live as a girl he definitely didn’t want to be associated with a slut. He started to dress properly. His make up wasn’t so sharp and he behaved more responsible much to my sister’s discontent. But it’s not like she could say anything. It was his body and his life, he could do anything he wanted to. Besides my parents were delighted with that change. Finally they had a daughter who helps around the house and makes them feel proud. I sometimes hang out with him. We still play video games together but i noticed the change in our relations. He was no longer my best buddy but my big sister. Well, it’s not like i’m complaining. Things got better since then and the guy he is dating right now is really cool. His name is Steve and i think he will make a good brother in law.


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