Orange Glow

The transformation could only be described as magic. I saw my friend James veins glow orange, and in mere seconds, his body went from a 34 year old chubby guy, into a 26 year old woman. The changes started when he wore the metallic collar.

“What the hell dude? turn me back!” he said. I saw his blood turn bright orange again, which caused his clothes to desintegrate. I laughed, “This isn’t funny” he said while covering his new breasts. I handed him a see through black dress. He took it from my hands andrily and wore it, “I guess anything to cover me will do”.

I saw him glow orange again, it looked like some kind of short circuit went on inside his mind. His eyes changed colour, and he looked sexily at me. I guess there’s no point on calling him a he anymore. She used her tongue to sexily touch her lips. I could see and hear her breathing heavily. She was turned on. Ready for sex. She pulled me close, and started kissing me. She grabbed my hands and placed them over her breasts, “Squeeze them!” she yelled. We went to bed, where we had a long session of sex. I was more than satisfied, but she seemed to want more “harded!” she kept yelling. Afterwards, I realized I had turned my friend into a nympho, and I wasn’t enough for her. She left me for another guy. One that will satisfy her needs.

At least she took the collar off, I can always look for another victim.


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