A better friend

James wasn’t much of a friend. He was always thinking of himself, he was always asking for favors, but if you asked him for help, he always had something else to do. One day, he slept with Kim,the girl I was dating. I knew she wasn’t my girlfriend, but I expected her to be soon. And that was it, that was the last straw.

I openned my safe, and got a small bag out of it. Inside of it, was a small box. It was a wishing box. It was a gift from my sister a long time ago, and after using it once, I had forgotten about it. But I knew I needed to do something, I had to change James into a better friend. I grabbed a piece of paper, “James doesn’t exist anymore, he is now a she. And her name is Amy. She is my girlfriend, and she is quite a bimbo. She will keep James memories, but won’t be able to resist having sex with me. After sex, she won’t even care who she used to be, she will love being Amy, and pleasing me in everyway” I placed the piece of paper inside the box, but didn’t close it. I waited until James showed up later that afternoon to play some videogames.

He didn’t know I had found out he slept with Kim. “Let me get a couple of cold ones” I said, as I stood up from the living room couch. I walked to my room and picked up the box, and as I walked back to the living room, James asked “Hey what’ve you got there?”. I didn’t answer, I just smiled and closed the box. He looked confused. It was like his mind was frozen. In a short amount of time, I saw him change from a 6’8″ man into a 5’4″ woman. She was cute and hot, even better that I imagined. “What the hell dude? what happened?” she said in a high pitched voice. “Why am I a woman?” she said.

I placed the box on the couch. And walked towards her. “I think you are going to like this” I said while unzipping my pants. “No dude! I am not a man… I mean… I am Amy! shit… what the hell!” he said, without realizing she had taken her pants off too. I touched her clit, it was soaking wet. I could even see her nipples. She was turned on. I grabbed her feminine hands and placed both of them on my thing. She just started giving me a hand job. “I can’t stop!” she said. “I don’t want to! but… but… at the same time, I need you inside of me” she said. I went in with one straight motion, I saw her face. She was enjoying it, but at the same time, it looked like it hurt a little. “you like this?” I said. “I…. I… love it! don’t stop! more more” she yelled. Success, I now had a new girlfriend, and since the wishing box never fails, a loyal new girlfriend.


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