Paula’s Lesson Plan (Part 1)

Paula was a teacher at the local high school, problem was she was a younger woman, fairly attractive as well this caused a problem with male students. All they did was hoot and holler at her, they were rude. What they didn’t know was that Paula was a witch so she decided to teach some of the ruder boys a lesson, she’d turn them into girls and see how they liked it when they were harassed all the time. She cast her spell on her targets but the results weren’t quite what she wanted…

The first boy to get affected was Charlie. He went to bed as one of the popular guys in school, a notable womanizer and playboy but when he woke up he was suddenly Carly, he now had long hair, a sexy face and two huge tits. She laid in bed, slapping her tits around, it felt nice always been the dick in a coupling was nice but now with this, he figured it be fun to try it from the other side.


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