1 In 200,000,000

1 IN 200,000,000!

On my 55 birthday I thought I would go to my favorite shoe store and buy me a new pair of hush puppies. As I entered the mall there was a table set up where they were taking swab tests of people’s DNA with a sign that read ” $1000.00 for those who will qualify for the test”. So I thought why not and I went and they swabbed my enter cheek and it turned red. At that point the attendant shouted we have our first red YAY!!!! I was told they would give me a 1000.00 for my blood sample and a chance to make much more for going to the onsite trial lab which was located in a secure farm 10 miles away. As tucked the 10 $100 bills in my old wallet they got a card for me with the directions. I let the shoes wait and went straight there. When I got there was a huge guard at the gate but he had my name and directed me to the main house. There I was introduced to the Doctor that was doing the trial and who owned the whole place. I was shocked to see a very handsome young man that stood before me. He shook my hand and said ” I am Dr. Jacob Long but just call me Jay, and I am happy to meet you.” He continued as he led me to very bright inviting room in the old farm house ” I thought we would find another like you only 1 in 200,000,000 have the right recessive genes in the proper sequence. ” I said oh really so I hate to be crude but since I am so rare how much will I get. He smiled and said ” you will get all you ever need your whole life and it will make you scream for joy”. I said it takes a lot to make me scream. Jay smiled and said “I have a lot to give you and we have a lot in common you see I am the only other with DNA sequence and I have been looking for you for many many years there will be a pinch.” He then injected me and I said how old are you you can’t be more thannn 20…. Jay look me in my eyes and said “I am 784 years old now sleep”. I woke and I was naked and I heard Jay “there the blood magic is active I looked at my self I looked the same just a faint glow. Jay said “don’t be worried are very valuable to me probably the most valuable person in the world to me “. Jay continued ” you see I am a wizard but a low level wizard I have as much wizard blood in my veins as the most powerful that ever lived but I don’t have a source.” I said “where are my clothes I am leaving” Jay looked at me and said “stand in front of the mirror”. I walked to the mirror and stood I obeyed him with out knowing why I just did and did not give it a second thought. I said ” I am leaving” but I did not move from the mirror. Jay said ” You are that source your blood line shows that you are a child of Morgana, Bathsheba, and all the way back to Lilith the women that empowered there husbands with great power. Pat think of magic like a electric power I have a very low battery and you are the charger. I my mind raced as I saw him undress in the mirror behind me. I shouted ” I am not gay STOP taking your clothes off” jay laughed. Jay turned to put his clothes on the chair and I saw ripped young man with a huge cock and I was sickened and try to move but couldn’t. Jay then said ” I am not gay either and if I was I would want a old fat man like you so lets fix that think of the prettiest girl you saw today.” My mind on command thought about the picture of the young blonde I saw in the Victoria Secret window. Then Jay said “Let your mind improve her to your tastes” and in my mind I made her less trampy and shorter that her tall model build more like the girl next door and very petite. Jay then said “you will find this intresting wach the mirror”. Jay then touched my head and I became very bright and I saw my body shrink and become the girl I had in my mind. I screamed like a girl and said ” OMG, OMG this is so fucking unbelievable.” Jay looked me up and down my new 5’3″ 32-20-32 , 32B, 106Lbs body and said ” VERY good taste, by letting you pick how you look is much more exciting for me.” I looked at my self and thought how everything about me has changed including my stance and speech patterns. Jay said “walk here” I did once again without thinking about it. Jay looked me up and down “I said OHH not in you best dreams you magical asshole”. Jay said ” Intelligent and very cultured only”. He continued to walk around me and look and saw his ahh member become extended and I blushed. Jay then said ” very very nice ” answered ” for you certainly but I am very unnerved by the whole incident please return me to normal”. I was surprised how proper I was speaking now. Jay said “good a perfect lady now” and I retorted “not hardly” sounding like an actress from Downingtown Abby and looking like a girl from Pretty Little Liars. Jay then said ” so you are heterosexual?” I answered “yes to the maximum extreme so I do find this most uncomfortable so please fix this”. So Jay said ” Think as someone who is extremely heterosexual and is maximally effected by the opposite sex.” I looked at Jay and warm butterflies ran through my body and I felt the turn into a warm emptiness in my very core I looked down at his maleness and felt a dampness leak down my inner thigh as my legs parted slightly. Jay said ” turn and lean on the chair and tilt you hips up” I did. JAY ENTERED me and said “ORGASM OVER AND OVER each greater than the last” I lost in pleasure and felt a strange energy pass into Jays member that was deep in me from my new female sex. Jay the came in me pumping his seed deep in my sex and said ” LOVE ME DEEPLY AND ONLY ME MY HAPPY WIFE and oh yes CONCIVE”.


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