Gehasster Freund ( German )

Ich konnte den loser von Freund, der sich meine Tochter geangelt hatte, einfach nicht ausstehen. Die Gelegenheit, als meine Frau Pia mit meiner Tochter Lisa einen Kurztripp nach Paris machten, konnte ich nicht verstreichen lassen. Irgendwie musste ich ihren Freund Mike dazu bringen mit Lisa Schluss zu machen. Während ich darüber nachdachte wie ich das bewerkstelligen könnte, räumte ich alte Kartons von der Garage auf den Speicher. Es muss Schicksal gewesen sein als ausgerechnet der Karton mit Omas altem Zauberbuch heruntergefallen ist. Ich sah es und hob es auf. Dann dachte ich mir, dass damit doch etwas zu machen sein müsste. Nach längerem durchforsten der Zaubersprüche hatte ich meiner Meinung nach den geeigneten gefunden. Es war ein Verwandlungszauber. Der sollte meinen Körper in den von Lisa verwandeln. So könnte ich Lisas Freund Mike gegenüber ein richtiges Ekel sein damit er sie abserviert. Read more

Final cum shot

“mmmm that’s it honey, this is it your final fuck as a man. cum for me, shoot your bolt for the very last time. You’re going to become one of us.” Read more

Easy Money

“Erm.” I grunted as Amy thrusted hard into me. “So, like, I get the general concept. People will pay more to see two girls fucking.” Read more


“Oh, come on already,” Alex said whining, rubbing his sore pussy and squeezing one of his large breasts. “I’ve climaxed… mmm… a dozen times and I still haven’t changed back.” Read more


“This is your fault?” Jeremy said incredulously to his (now her) girlfriend. “Why did you turn me into some fat chick?!” Read more

Chicks aren’t normally this horny, right?

Joe had pissed off Cassie. He’d asked her for sex one too many times. The last time he called her a little sex kitten, and said he’d found her collection of toys in her dorm room. She screamed at him in some weird language and there was a flash of light. Joe was suddenly a naked woman and in his own dorm room. The room was unchanged except for the box of sex toys on the bed. Joe was nervous, but then he looked at the toys and started feeling something more… A need. And not just in his new pussy. Read more

A New Roommate

Getting a roommate to help with the rent as an out-of-shape nerd was impossible. One quick magic spell later, I’m a hot blonde with guys outside my door, dying to be my new roommate. I finally decided on this cute guy who we agreed on would pay all the rent in the apartment as long as we’d fuck at least once a day. It’s a win-win.

Been Busy

“Hey Kat, I found out something about that gender transformation spell: apparently when I linked us together to turn you into a woman, it did a little more than that…” my former roommate said, stopping short when I turned around smiling at her, my huge belly presented.
“Yeah, I figured that out,” I said through my gritted smile.
“Oh…yeah…” she said slowly. “Apparently I didn’t read the spell closely enough. It was a surrogacy spell: every time I have sex, well, you get pregnant with another baby. When did I use that spell again?”
“Less than two months ago! You’ve sure been busy since than, haven’t you?”