You Were Right

When you said they’d give me the x-strain of the Fertility Virus because of my vasectomy, I didn’t want to believe you. But they called me in to the Pink House and explained my “options”; you were right.

When you said I would become gorgeous, I couldn’t believe you. But the fat slid from my stomach and filled out my lush ass while my hips became child bearing ones. My hair got glossy and my face became a stranger’s; you were right.

When you said I would be horny like never before, I was afraid to believe you. But the moment I started ovulating I knew; you were right.

So when you told me that Jake would deliver, I believed you. I hopped on him and he is delivering; you were right.

Now you’re there telling me that being pregnant is wonderful and I’m really hoping you’re right about that too.


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