Prom Night Went Huge

Gregor was making fun of the girl with the super large chest at the prom, much to the disgust of his date, Brenda. She thought Gregor was a nice guy who respected people of all types, but she was wrong. She knew something had to be done, and she didn’t care what happened to him, as she would break up with him after prom for sure. So she called her grandma on her new iphone, and asked for her help.

Brenda’s grandma Casey, was good at making people pay the price so she had heard from Casey herself, and others that were around her a lot. Casey loved poetic justice too, so this clued Brenda in on what might happen next.

Gregor told Brenda he had to go to the bathroom, he would be back. She agreed, knowing something good might happen soon, and what better place than a bathroom, where he could see in a mirror! Gregor, however, hadn’t even made it to the men’s room yet, when the changes occurred almost instantaneously. He grabbed the sides of the hallway wall between the gentlemen’s and lady’s rooms in sheer terror, as his chest expanded enormously. Also he shrank almost a foot in height, grew large hips and ass, his hair cascaded down in gentle brunette curls, as his skin softened, got paler, and his muscle tone all but vanished, as his face reshaped itself to pretty, and his hands and feet shrank to tiny sizes! To top all that off, he was now in four inch black pumps, a tight dark grey maxi dress, some cute earrings and ring on his tiny finger, along with some subtle makeup to top it off!

As he braced himself against the wall, he looked down to see his new chest, and realized his cocks was gone too. Then he looked over at the letters that read, “Ladies Room” and realized this might be what he would have to use to pee now! Before he even turned around to go there, however, his buddy Lee groped his boobs, and slapped his new ass, thinking Gregor was just another hot chick at the prom, plus Lee was drunk from the spiked punch too.

As Gregor looked into the mirror, after being stunned how it felt to walk in heels with huge weights on your chest, he screamed in his new high voice, realizing what had happened. He had become what he poked fun of, a busty girl!

Soon enough he went back to his girlfriend Brenda, who smiled and laughed at the results of Casey’s magic.

“Serves you right you son of a… well, just bitch now, I guess the “son of” part wouldn’t apply now that you are a woman! You making fun of others like you did, got you this, Gregor, or should I call you Gretchen now? Not only will you not be in a position to mistreat or belittle women now, as you are one of us, but now you can see first hand what it’s like to be mistreated for you body. Wow, those boobs are just way out of proportion. I can’t imagine your bra size, babe, wow, you must be at least a 34M or something. Anyway you get what you deserve, and I’m leaving you THIS way and BREAKING up. Hopefully you can find nice man to treat you with respect, a better man than you were, and don’t worry you’re not getting a girlfriend like that, my grandma made sure you were into men too, so have nice life Gretchen, enjoy your boobs,” said Brenda.

Gretchen sat their in stunned amazement, stuck as a busty brunette, with a girlfriend who just left her permanently changed, with desires for dudes! As she seen a buddy of hers walk by, she licked her lips almost in automatic reaction to her new desires for guys! She was freaking out, but couldn’t help herself either!


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