Wrong place wrong time

Chris was going home wrom work. Normally he would take a bus but the weather was lovely and it wasn’t far. On his way he saw something strange. Two girls were fighting over something that looked like a tv remote. One of the girls looked a little slutt. Her clothes were very revealing, she had large breasts, butt and lips. The other was a teenager, a very cute redhead with an average body type for girls her age. Chris was a peaceful man so he decided end their conflict in a civilized manner. “Ladies, calm down. I’m sure there is no need for violence” he tried to calm the situation. “It’s none of your business asshole!” the blonde shouted. “Yea! Fuck off!” the teen added. Chris expected such a reaction so he tried again. “Please stop it before someone get’s hurt” He grabbed the girls by their wrists. suddenly the remote had shot a bright beam, blinding Chris for a moment. When his sight came back, he saw two teenage boys instead of the girls. “We changed back” one of them said. “What’s going on here” Chris said in a high pitched voice. He looked down and saw a dress that emphasized his curves and breasts. “Dude Run!” the boy shouted and both of them started to run. “Hey! Wait!” Chris chased them but the tight dress and high heels made it impossible. “Guys stop!” Chris yelled but the boys were already to far. “Come back” he said quieter, knowing that they won’t hear his screams anymore.


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