“5 years ago I was a man, working at a boring job. I was contacted by a government agency, they offered me a job. I thought I was going to be a spy, or something, so I agreed. After a lengthy interview I was asked to drink from a bottle of black liquid. I drank it without hesitation. After much pain I was transformed into a hot and sexy woman. I was given a new identity. I was informed that the black liquid is a virus. And it can only be transfered by the original host, that would be me. Whoever has sex with me, would transform into a woman, and not only that, they would forget who they are, we can say they would have amnesia.”

“My job was simple, they would assign a target to me, and I had to sleep with said target. I have slept with druglords, terrorists, way too many men now. And they have all succumbed to the virus, after sex, sometimes even during sex, they would transform into women. Although I felt discusted everytime, my job was rewarding. Right now, I have been assigned to a special target. I don’t know much about him, but it has been 10 minutes after we had sex. and he hasn’t transformed. I don’t know what has happened, but maybe I am cured. “

“No, you haven’t” the man said. I hadn’t realized until that moment I was revealing all my secrets to him. “I knew who you were, I took an antidote. But not only that, I have given you a new virus. One to make you submissive to me. Take your bra off again. Act sexy, and come here, this time I will make sure you enjoy it.” I took off my bra, and pulled my hair back sexily, I stood up, and walked towards him, I was about to sit on his lap, when he said “no, no, first a blowjob. And smile!”. I kneeled down, and after giving him a hand job, I smiled, and proceeded to do exactly what he said. “Welcome my new slave”

I live to serve my master, and I enjoy being his slave.


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