Wrong Body

Ted tried to astral project into his neighbor Jeff’s body to get sex with his hot wife, Audrey. He somehow missed his mark though, and projected into her instead! New and incredible sensations of female pleasure entered his new body, as he felt so different with curvy soft skin, long silky hair, huge boobs hanging from his chest, and a cock mounted in his new pussy, the man Jeff, pushing into his soft large round ass. He was in shock, but couldn’t help but open his new mouth in bliss as well. He never experienced anything like this, he was being pleasured on the receiving end! As Jeff sucked on the nipple of one of his huge areolas, he shuddered in orgasm. Then as Jeff came inside him, he shuddered twice more, he had three orgasms in one session!

Eventually Ted went back to his unconscious body, having experienced sex from the other side. Different but way more enjoyable. So what if he was with a man? He was a woman while he was, and dicks are for chicks of course he thought to justify his lust for Jeff when in Audrey’s very horny body. Ted then realized he needed to swap again sometime.

A day later he swapped again, this time not seeing what Audrey was doing, just knowing he could hear Jeff moan. This was enough, and he couldn’t wait any longer. He took Audrey’s body again, this time he was staring at heavy pubs with a mouth full of Jeff’s hard cock! He was sucking Jeff off. Before he could even react this time Jeff slid his penis out and came on Audrey’s face and tits! Once again, Ted should have been put off but wasn’t! He had a huge orgasm from this, the warm sticky feel on his body, the musky scent, and the taste of some that got into his mouth all made him wild with passion!

This time however, something else happened. Apparently somehow, Audrey knew Ted astral projected into her body, placing her into his. She managed to awaken in Ted’s body this time, and come over to her house to witness him blowing her husband Jeff. She knew about astral projection, in fact she had done this with a man at one time when she was younger herself! This brought her to her next decision.

“Wow, you seem to have enjoyed that AUDREY, said Audrey from Ted’s body. I think I’ll stay like this now,” she said with Ted’s body.

Ted’s sexy new eyes opened wide, burning a bit from the cum getting into them, but he realized what she was doing. She had her own astral powers and was keeping his body. When someone switches with another astral projector, if they are both aware of the change, they both have to agree to change back. The last time she was unconscious, no harm there, but this time things were different obviously.

Jeff didn’t understand why his neighbor boy Ted was watching them during a blowjob, and told him to leave, “You not stay like this, you’ll stop standing there MISTER and get the hell out of my house!”

Jeff didn’t realize she meant stay while she was in Ted’s body, he thought Ted was meaning he wanted to stand like he was to view their session.

Audrey in Ted’s body smiled, and said, “Have a nice life Audrey, I hope you like being a fucking trophy wife to that jerk Jeff.”

Jeff got angry, “What would you know you punk ass kid? She married me not you, you fucking asshole, NOW GET OUT OF MY HOUSE BEFORE I CALL THE POLICE!”

Ted now stuck in Audrey’s body was stunned and in shock, what was an accidental experiment, turned out way different than he expected, and now he would live the life he was so curious about! As he felt his soft round ass, and hefted his cum covered boobs, he thought it wasn’t all bad, and for some reason Jeff looked really good to him!

Ted thought when the saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

Then Ted said in Audrey’s voice and body, “Well, Jeff let me know when you are ready to go again, I’m getting horny again, and leaving this cum on me is making me even hornier!”

Jeff had incredible stamina, and was part of why originally Ted was going to astral project into him. Now his stamina would come in handy for his multiple orgasmic female body, keeping him sexed up!

Jeff said, “Ok what do you want me to do next?”

Ted, now Audrey said, “Take me up the tailpipe handsome, I haven’t tried that yet with you.”

Jeff replied baffled, “Yes you have, you’ve done anal plenty of times, I mean look at your butt if you know what I mean.”

The new Audrey hadn’t realized until she put her fingers down below, she had a huge butthole from lots of anal! It turns out she would find that Audrey had been with ten other guys during before meeting Jeff, and they all did regular anal with her too!

New Audrey said, “Ok, just I meant tried with you while I put my fingers in your butt also!”

Jeff said, “Um no, I don’t think I want that, taking things in is for chicks, not dudes like me sorry babe, but thanks for the offer. Now bend the fuck over that desk over there, and be taken like a woman should! I’m the head of this house, you will do what I say, after all you are my trophy wife, and I don’t care what anyone thinks about that, not even some snot nose punk who sneaks into our house. Bend over honey, Daddy’s home!”

Audrey’s eyes lit up again, she was no anal virgin, and she knew it now!


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