work for it

That’s right. Eat my pussy you ass! You mmm.. took me for granted! Now it’s .. time. for some pay back… mhmhm… If you don’t make me climax tonight I will make the spell permanent and …hmhmm god damn!. and remove your clitoris so you’ll never be able to climax again. Imagine that. Craving satisfaction, but no matter how hard you try, never getting it. oah! At least you’re making this hard for me. You almost made me organism once or twice. But you brought this on you’r self, so I’m not gonna let you get out of being my frustrated sex slave, if I can help it! HmMHMM! Wow, that was close! But no dice ass hole. NOW SUCK MY CLIT! Bitch! (Maybe I wont change him back even if he dose. I like him much better as a woman)


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