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A Bet is a Bet

Ted and Jerry agreed that whomever won the bowling game would be able to tell the loser to do whatever he wanted during the next game. Ted didn’t know that there was more to Jerry than it seemed, so when Ted lost the match, he was shocked when he was suddenly transformed into a naked woman wearing only pink heels and fishnet gloves. Even his bowling ball had changed to pink, but his new plump painted lips were open in shock not only at the changes, but Jerry grabbing his new soft round ass with his firm male hands, with his erection out with an evil grin. Let’s just say the next game went very different for Ted.


I hope you like it in the ass James… I mean Jasmin. My wife lets me fuck other women, but shes very jealous, so she only lets me fuck them in the ass or throat. Considering that the spell binds you to me and all, that’s all you’ll be getting for the rest of your life. It wont all be bad, we might make an exception on your birthday though. Wont that be fun?




(F)Hmmm… I don’t see a change in color.
(M) You probably didn’t swallow enough yet. You heard the witch, “when you swallow enough cum you’ll have your hearts desire.” If you want to change back you just have to keep swallowing. Read more

ho… no…

John slowly looked down at his new body. He could not believe he had been so stupid. “The lab safety procedure had been in place for a reason after all. I hope this is reversable” he thought.

Just right.

Finlay, Paul was satisfied with his spell. He had the form down just right. Now all he had to do was find someone to cum in his ass, pussy and mouth to make the transformation permanent…. That shouldn’t be too hard.

good girl.

That’s it… nice and easy… take it in to your mouth just like that… MMM that’s right suck just like that… Don’t forget to breath. I’m almost there… mmm… ungh… are you sure, that you want to go, ungh, through with this? Once I cum in our,mmm, mouth you will be stuck as Kelly for l,l,life. UNGH!… too late.

a womans perogative…

When Julia married John, she was trying to make her religious family happy. Later in life she realized that what she wanted and what her family found acceptable were two different things. So, rather than divorcing John and starting her life over as a lesbian, she used black magic to transform her husband in to a beautiful woman, fuck the shit out of her and then wipe his memory after. Of course John has become suspicious that something is amiss, because he thinks that he has had sex every night this week and his balls are still full and in pain from lack of ejaculation. No matter, after he gets finished with her pussy she will transform him back, trade bodies with him and fuck him with his own dick until she is tired of experiencing his orgasms for him. She almost feels sorry for him, after all he has always been a good husband.

hurry up!

Hurry up Sam. Its 11:55pm if you don’t swallow my cum before midnight you’ll have to go another week as Samantha. Read more