Wicked swap party

Betty (75), Gladys (80) and Hilda (82) loved the last Monday of the month when the neighbourhood did a big swap party, which after the first one always turns in to a big orgy of depravity. Of course, when the swap parties started the sisters with their old bodies were not invited, no one wanted to be stuck in a dried up threadbare body. Luckily for the sisters, the mature neighbours sunk in to such immorality that they began to lust after their own children. The teenagers all quickly refused to join in their parents perversion, none of them wanted older people using their bodies especially their parents. The parents didn’t care what their kids wanted and increased the swapping machine’s blast radius to swap into their children. The resisted by staying home in what ever body they got swapped into, the sinful parents didn’t like this one bit.

So the parents came up with a solution, they tinkled with the swapping machine so that one of the young people swapped into one of the sisters bodies. The kids hated being in such antiquated bodies but that wasn’t the only problem the three sister’s health were failing and no one wanted to actually die in their ragged bodies. The parents used this to their advantage, they used a scoreboard of the degenerate acts their children preformed in their swapped bodies, the three with the lowest score would be swapped with the sisters for that month.

The three sisters couldn’t be happier, last month the daughters of the Masons got the lowest score so the hags had been using their bodies. As Betty received a well deserved face full of cum from the excellent blowjob she’d just preformed, Gladys smiled in a daze as her sister played with her gaping pussy. Hilda was ignoring what was going on around her as she watched the last of the scores being added up, she’d gone round to see her body that day and knew her body was at deaths door this next swap might just leave her in the body she’d have for the next eighty years.


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