The Play

“You are crazy Sara!” Eugene shouted at his girlfriend backstage, “There is no such thing as magic!”
“Gene, I’m serious!” Sara said, panic in her voice, “I was only in costume for fifteen minutes and look at me.” She said gesturing to her body, “My chest is more masculine, and my boobs are shrinking.”
Gene took a good look at his girlfriends body. He had to admit that it certainly did look different. But what she was describing was impossible.
“You are just getting cold feet,” Eugene said, trying to stay calm, “You were the one that suggested this stupid gender bender play and now you want to back out.”
Sara stomped her feet in aggression, “You don’t even see it do you. How long have you been in costume? One hour? Two? Maybe Three?” She asked.
Eugene shrugged, “Probably closer to three.”
“Do you even have to try to keep your voice high? Or do you not realize you sound like a girl now?” Sara asked.
“What are you-” Eugene stopped, realizing that he did sound like a girl.
Sara moved closer to him, “Are you positive those are just breast forms on your chest?”
Eugene nodded nervously.
Suddenly Sara tore open Eugene’s top, revealing to his horror what was on his chest. His breast forms had disappeared completely, leaving in their place, two large, very female, very real breasts.
Eugene stood silent looking down in horror at his female body and realizing his girlfriend was 100% correct. Something was transforming their bodies to match their costumes.


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