The Bodysuit

“nnngggg dude not so rough you’ll brake the bodysuit” those were the only words i could get out all night with this monster of a cock destroying my insides as my best friend rams my vagina.
you see a few days ago me and my best friend mark were hanging out at his house when an unexpected parcel arrived at his door. We opened it to find what looked to be some kind of skin suit made of silk smooth to the touch. As A joke I put on the suit and pretended to be a girl for a few minutes walking around acting all girly when Mark pulled out some clothes from under his bed. At first i was a little weirded out that my best friend had girls clothes under his bed but i just went along with it we were friends after all.
before i knew it i was on the ground crawling towards marks hard cock as he lied on the bed stroking it. “I want it so bad” i said as i got closer and closer to his bulging hard cock. “I bet you do, you slut” said mark as he grabbed me threw me on the bed on my hands and knees and got up behind me. I could feel his throbbing shaft against my now bare feminine ass, Marks dick was always huge or so i had been told but i never thought i’d see it in a situation like this. With that Mark took his bulging hard dick and guided it to the bodysuits soaking vagina “i let out a slight moan as i felt the hard shaft against my vagina the bodysuit sending the most pleasurable feelings. “are you ready slut?” Mark said as he rested his hands on my ass and pushed his tip just a little bit in “please i cant wait!” i screamed as i pushed backward onto his black cock the feeling of pleasure throughout my entire body my legs became weak and all i could think of was Mark cumming and sealing this suit on me before i knew it my thoughts became reality as Mark let out his seed into my vagina i could feel the suit sealing onto my skin and i knew we would become even better friends


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