Who’s the Sucker

Hank said, “Henry, you are a little sucker. I told you the wishing coin was real, and you believed it.”

Henry replied, “Well I believe in magic, because I can do some myself. Hank, I believe you are the sucker, and I will prove it.”

Henry’s eyes glowed a deep red, and suddenly Hank’s body contorted into that of a tall, large breasted blonde. Henry then grew into a larger sized muscular man, instead of the scrawny guy he was before. He shoved his new larger cock into Hank’s new plump lips before he could even scream in his sexy new voice. Another man appeared out of thin air, ramming Hank’s new butthole.

“Hank, no that won’t do. Um, err, Helen, you are the sucker now, and you will be my little sucker always as my new sex slave bimbo blonde,” said Henry.

“MMMph, mmmph, aghhh,” was all that could come from Helen’s new mouth as she was stuffed with Henry’s large pole.


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