Who is Bella?

Bella had only ever been with women. Even before her transition she had only been interested in women. Her bisexual wife was happy to stay with her as she embraced her true gender, and she had even taught her a lot of things about her new body and new vagina.

But over time things changed. She found herself checking out men in real life and online. When she masturbated, she fantasized about men. Was she a lesbian? Was she bisexual? Was she straight? Who is Bella?

One day her wife sat her down…she had found some pictures of naked men saved on Bella’s phone.

“Honey, if you wanted to try out men, why didn’t you just say so? I wont lie that I don’t miss your old cock, and could use some occasional masculinity in my life. How about I set some stuff up for us?”

Later that week, two handsome men came over for dinner. Afterwords some crazy fun took place, as you can see by the video.

There is Bella, with her two hands on the mans large cock, eagerly going at it.
It was in that moment that Bella realized that all her life, she had been hiding from the fact that she actually was incredibly sexually attracted to men. She loved cock, and loved it when the guy fucked her later that evening. Who is Bella? A cock obsessed woman.

Bella and her wife stayed together, and still cared for each other, but they asked the two guys if they would move in with them and make this 4 person relationship a bit more permanent. Bella was thrilled- she could have as much sex with her new boyfriend as she wanted.


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