Even Exchange PT2

“Amber What is it?” Ric asked as his borrowed bodies heart raced.
“Well last night I met someone and she is great, I think we are soul mates.”Amber states
“I’m happy for you Amber, but what does this have to do with me” a confused Ric asked not noticing that he was still drenched in the juices from last nights self escapades.
Amber looks at Ric more seriously than he had ever seen himself”The reason that I asked to exchange bodies was because I met Jill at a club and we hit it off, but she isn’t into woman. So I told her about you and I said that I would set you guys up. We hit it off last night, so well that we made love up until about 10 minutes ago. My powers are gone”
Ric stared in disbelief” But I didn’t break the rules, I stayed here and had a wounder full night.’

“I guess it goes both ways, I cant cum in anyone either. Like I had said earlier, this was my first swap with a guy and I have to say, your body didn’t disappoint. I’d say its an even exchange, You love my body and I love the woman that fell for yours.” Amber said now with a smug face.
Ric looked down at the perfection that he was now going to have for the rest of “her” life and put his hands over his breasts, he thought to himself” This is finally mine, not mine in the way that I had expected, but perfection is mine.”
Amber watching Ric analyze the situation couldn’t help but feel attracted to him and Ric noticed. Ric took advantage of the situation and started to Caresse his assets making Amber adjust her pants . He then ask Amber in her sexiest voice ever” Can you help me?”
She raises an eyebrow as Ric continues to speak”I don’t know what I’m doing and I need you. It got hot and heavy and all things were going according to Amber’s plans. Ric slowly lifted one leg exposing her vagina, Amber could tell that he was uneasy and assured him “I will show you highs you only dream of reaching”. Ric had his fun with his pussy the night before and had many orgasms but as Amber went down on him he knew this would be the most explosive yet. Amber moved fast, she ate Ric out and wasted no time using all her tricks. Amber knew all the buttons to hit, as Ric was feeling pleasures he could only quantify as unreal Amber whispers in Ric’s ear “I’m going to have you” Which pushed Ric over the edge and he achieved his first earth shattering ORGASM.
Amber took that moment as an opening to begin penetration, her form went from slow and sensual to rough and remorseless. Ric couldn’t believe that Amber was so good at being him, he could feel every detail, the way his breasts bounced back and forth for every thrust and in that respect his orgasm grew. As Amber looked at her old body she asked she was doing, all she got was”pleeeeese dooonnnnt stoppp”
Amber thanked Ric for how understanding he was in this occword situation after all as soon as she busts her load the switch would be permanent.(Unbeknownst to Ric this act of passion would be what seals the swap.But in all honesty I don’t think it would have made a difference if she had told him otherwise.)


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