Where She Got Them

“So I can wish for anything?” Marcus said, looking at the stone in his hand. He didn’t think it was really magic, but for $5 it was a fun little novelty.
“Yes, of course. Within reason,” the store owner said. Marcus shrugged, and bought the stone.

As soon as he got home, he took the stone up to his bedroom. Across the hall he could hear his older sister talking loudly on the phone. He caught sight of her out of the corner of his eye, noticing her tank top was barely covering her large bust, as usual. He rolled his eyes, and closed the door to his room.
He held the stone out in his palm. It was strangely warm, but then again it had just been in his pocket. Still able to hear his sister next door, he turned the stone over to make a wish.
Marcus thought for a moment, and still listening to his sister, had a thought. “I wish to go back in time, to before Mom had Carrie. She had to have gotten boobs like that from somewhere, right?” Instantly, Marcus was standing in a different bedroom… It was his parents’ room, 26 years ago. And they were right in the middle of making Carrie. On the bright side, he could definitely see now where Carrie had gotten her assets from. Thankfully, he was able to slip out of the room, and shut the door behind him.
On the less bright side, the sound of the door shutting got the attention of his mother, who told Marcus’s father to go see if someone was there.
Carrie, had ceased to exist.

Marcus walked away from the house, sweating heavily. It was a cool night outside, but for some reason he was burning up. He just wanted to hide until the stone sent him forward in time again, but he was starting to feel really weird all over. His jeans had suddenly gotten really tight around his hips, and he felt a lot of pressure in his groin. Otherwise his clothes were getting really baggy, as he shrank at least a foot. Then he felt an itching on his chest. He pulled off his shirt, and noticed his nipples looked much larger, and behind them…
“Are those…” small mounds of flesh were starting to swell on his chest. They expanded rapidly, skipping right past puberty, until finally they settled down, leaving Marcus, now Martha, with DD-cup tits resting on her chest. New memories flooded her brain as her clothes began to change. Before she knew it, her whole life had been rewritten. Not only was she now a girl, but she had always been. Carrie had never been born. Instead, three years later, Martha’s parents finally had a child. A daughter.
The stone chose that moment to send her back. She stood there in her room, unused to her new surroundings, but yet they were still familiar. Naturally, within moments she was pulling off her top, exposing her big soft breasts, her large nipples getting hard instantly in the open air.
“I guess now I know exactly where she got them from…”


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