What’s This Button Do

“So, wait, you mean to tell me you changed yourself into a girl for fun, but you don’t want to have sex with a man?”

Drew checked himself – or rather herself – out in a mirror. “Yeah? So what? I thought it would be fun to try out. Besides, I’m not gay or nothin’. I’ll change back later tonight or something.”

“Let me see that thing.” Chuck picked the remote up from the coffee table. “Can’t believe this actually works.” He pointed it at his penis and made it grow a bit bigger. “Hot damn, it really does work!”

“Yep, now give it back, I wanted to try a few more settings.” Drew held out her dainty hands, gesturing.

“I’m not done playing with it yet, though. What’s this button do?” He pressed it, pointing to Drew.

“It… oh… it raised the pitch of my voice. He he. That’s kinda funny. Alright now, you’ve had your fun, Chuck.”

“Nah, fun is just getting started, girl! There’s a whole menu of things we can change about you. How about we add some new interests?” He tweaked the remote and pressed Enter, pointing at Drew again.

“You need to stop, Chuck. Besides, I don’t feel any different.” She put her hands on her hips, frustrated with Chuck’s immature behavior.

“Fair enough. How about a blow job?”

“If that’s what you really want, honey.” Drew didn’t fight one bit. She got on her knees in front of Chuck’s rock hard dick and immediately put her mouth over it, licking it and sucking it masterfully.

Chuck could hardly believe it. “Damn, Drew, I didn’t know you were such a pushover! Making you give me a blowjob was so easy!”

Stopping for a breath, Drew looked up at Chuck confused, while still massaging his cock. “What’s there to make me do? You know how much I love sucking your cock, baby.”

Chuck laughed a little, then said, “You want to get fucked by a man, Drew?”

“Gross, no way. You heard what I said earlier, sugar.” Drew pouted.

“Well maybe I’ll try to make you enjoy it.” Chuck grabbed Drew by the wrists and lifted her to the bed and turned her around, exposing her beautiful vagina for him to marvel. Drew squealed in protest, but Chuck was already there. He pumped his hard cock into Drew’s wet pussy over and over again, slapping her soft malleable ass every once in a while to remind her who was in charge.

“Oh… Ohhhh! Chuck, you monster! Oooooh I LOVE it when you dominate me like this! Fuck me harder!” She giggled in delight as Chuck pounded her from behind.

She shuddered and moaned loud enough for their neighbors to hear. She came at the same time he did. When Drew rolled over and Chuck joined her in the bed, Drew said, “I’m so glad I’m a woman and always have been one, baby. I don’t think I want to use that remote to become a man anymore.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Chuck smirked back. “Shall we go again?”


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