What if… 2

As the woman who had been a man minutes before finished licking cum off her hands, Edd was struck by the bizarreness of his situation.
His thoughts and words had somehow transformed a man into an Asian slut, who had public given him an excellent handjob at his request. After a few moments of guilt from transforming an innocent stranger, Edd realized that, in the excitement, he had lost most of his clothing. Panic from being nude in public began to set in, and in his confusion, he grabbed the transformed woman’s shoulders and blurted out to her ” let’s go to your place!”
A blur filled Edd’s vision as he and the woman were pulled into the front lawn of a suburban house. This last inexplicable event put an idea into Edd’s head “This must be a dream! I didn’t change a man into a into an insatiable slut! I just reshaped a dream! Now lets see what else I can improve in this dream!”
Edd stepped into the house, leaving the woman behind as she lazily played with herself, to find it mostly silent, save for some noises coming from upstairs. Edd ran up the stairs two at a time, as his excitement and arousal grew from his thoughts of how to change this new subject. “the last one turned out really well, so another Asian girl would be fun… but what twists could he add… maybe she could be his loyal maid! he could change them by putting a maid headband on them!”
A white maid headband appeared in Edd’s hand as he reached the inhabited room.
A teenage boy was lying on his bed, playing a videogame. “is it really okay to change him?” thought Edd upon entering the room but after looking down upon his throbbing erection “He won’t really mind after i get this on his head”
Hearing Edd’s entrance, the boy spoke without looking away from the television screen” Bro, you’re back from the store? did you remember th-” but his question was cut short by progressively higher pitched moans and gasps after the headband was pushed onto him.
The boy trembled as his body grew taller and more slender, his race becoming closer to her new sister’s, and the space between her thighs became increasingly wet. While enjoying the changes, Edd was disappointing by how the size of the girls breasts and bottom were not growing as much as the rest of her body. ” Why not do it manually” Edd asked out loud as he climbed on top of the girl, pressing his hard cock against her pants and began stroking her pointy nipples. After a few moments Edd was fondling a fine pair of breasts and he was grinding against a pair of far too stretched pants. “Master!” the girl cries out, in slightly accented English “My butt hurts! These pants are too tight!” Pleased with her mental changes, Edd decides to help the girl by tearing at the seat of pants, causing her clothes to change, the remains of the pants becoming long socks and her shirt lengthening into a short and frilly dress. “Thank you Master! That’s much better!” the Maid exclaims, happily waving her bare bottom. The sight of the beautiful Asian Maid’s perfect round ass waging in the air was the final trigger for Edd, as he grabbed her hips and began thrusting into her slick cunt “This feels SO good Master!” the Maid cries, not long before Edd finally cums inside of her. Basking in the afterglow, Edd feels his maid cuddle up to him, she’s cute, but Edd’s already planning on what he’ll do to his next victim…


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