Bug Bites

In order to ensure the continuation of human progress, the teaching bug was released upon the earth. Once bitten by this bug people are filled with an altruistic urge to pass on the most prominent knowledge and skills they possess.

One such bug was targeting Marcus. Marcus was a brilliant lawyer. He plied his skill in the field of corporate law, serving the wealthiest whose interests often infringed upon the little guy. Once bitten he might have helped to churn out a new generation of lawyers, most of whom would follow in his footsteps.

Before the bug could bite him his trophy wife, Kimmi, saw the thing and swatted at it. Confused and enraged the bug bit her instead. The most prominent knowledge and skills Kimmi possessed involved being a sexy bitch who used her feminine whiles to wrap men around her naughty little finger. Now she was overcome with a need to teach and pass on her knowledge.

Here we see her months later, helping her former husband with more then just a pair of bug bites.


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