What I Always Wanted

I spent a whole day of boredom waiting at my house playing video games and sneaking into my girlfriend’s clothes and trying them on. I can’t explain it, but something about feeling girly just makes me very horny. In fact, today I tried on many possible combinations of slutty outfits and wished I had the voluptuous body to fill out the sexy clothes.

Sometimes life throws a lot at a person at one time. Sometimes you get everything you wanted and realize that its too much.

I heard a knock at the door and quickly took of my feminine outfit and rushed down the stairs. When I opened the door there was no one there. I was confused for a while but moments later I heard another knock at the door. I rushed over this time and finally saw a delivery boy waiting for me. He handed me a package and gave me a place to sign, as soon as I began to sign, he stuck me with a syringe and emptied the contents into my body. The place I was stabbed immediately warmed and filled my bloodstream.

“What the fuck was that?” I said to him. “You’ll see soon, don’t worry” He said with a grin on his face. Suddenly I was filled with fear and weakness. Everything began to get very dizzy as I stumbled back and he walked into the house. I couldn’t stop him, he was stronger than me. Or was he? I couldn’t think at all, my mind was scattered and I could tell my body was preparing for something. “Don’t worry babe, soon you’ll be more comfortable.”

“Fuck you! Stay away from me! Please leave.” I cried as I felt my body warm and get all tingly. He was taller than me now and I was so intimidated by him. “Why would I leave before the show is over?” He said looking down at my shrinking body. Tears came to my eyes as I felt my skin smoothing out and hands becoming much smaller. He inched closer to me, staring at my chest as if he knew something that I didn’t. Sure enough, my nipples began to move on their own and I could feel my shirt with them somehow. “What’s going on??” I pleaded.

I reached up and touched my throbbing nipple. I gasped at the feeling and could feel my body respond like never before. I freaked out and lifted my shirt to see completely different nipples than I ever had before. They were freakishly huge and pink. My areolas tripled in size and were so sensitive that I began to tremble even more as fat began to build before my very eyes. I looked up from my chest to catch the boy staring at me with lust. “Please make this stop, what are you doing to me?!”

I couldn’t let him keep staring. I pulled my shirt down tight against my chest. I gasped at the pure sexual sensitivity that it caused touching these massive nipples. What was going on? It felt like I was growing tits but that was impossible wasn’t it? Was this really happening to MY body? I didn’t have time to think as the breasts swelled and swelled and make my shirt nice and tight so he could see my erect nipples.

They just kept growing and pushing out, I was in horror as my tits finally blocked the sight of my dick that was rock hard by this point. I felt a shiver down my spine as I stumbled back and fell onto the couch. I was stirring my hips to cope with the pressure I felt. I was dry humping as my lower back teased the feeling of wider hips. With one deep thrust, my spine rearranged and I leaned back and screamed for help looking up towards the sky.

I couldn’t believe this. I was becoming a girl. Was I going to have my own pussy? How was this even possible? Thoughts flooded my mind as I tried to wrap my mind around the fact I was changing gender completely and permanently. All while this young man watched the sexual abomination he caused. I came to my senses as the boy pulled my shorts down and grabbed my smaller dick. He caught me off guard and I was too weak to stop him.

Tears rolled down my morphing face and I watched as hair passed my shoulders and rested on the skin that lead into my massive breasts hanging on my chest. Between them, I could just make out the sight of the boy’s hand guiding my dick inside my body. I finally mustered the strength to slap him and knock him to the ground. It was too late. My dick slipped inside me as I gripped the seat below me and rode out the waves of feminine ecstasy.

I insides twisted and changed and I could feel something deep in my gut changing and forming a womb. I placed my hands on my stomach and felt everything moving. I slid my hands down a little lower and slowly touched the dripping wet mound between my legs. The slightest touch sent waves of pleasure to my changing mind. My eyes widened and something new took all control over me.

With two smaller hands, I grabbed my new huge tits and squeezed them together for the boy to see. “What’s your name?” I said in a higher voice. “Damian.” He said. With that, I lifted my old shirt over my breasts and watched his reaction as they spilled out, bouncing and jiggling with youthful firmness. My cheeks blushed as I noticed my ass growing violently.

I stood to my feet and stumbled at first because of my new points of balance. Suddenly my hips popped and shifted outward. My hands shot to my waist and touched my hips as they grew wider and wider until there was no mistake that I was completely and fully a woman. He was naked by now and grabbed my petite hand leading me toward his seat on the chair. I faced him and slowly crept toward him, sliding closer on his lap. It was so strange being this light and petite. I was in love with the feeling of being a woman. All my thoughts of my entire life came to me as I contemplated putting his dick inside me.

I was quickly persuaded when he leaned forward and took a big suck on my left nipple. I girly moan pursed through my lips as I stood and slid down firmly on his dick. Pleasure exploded in my new genitalia as I was penetrated. He gripped my new slender waist and I gyrated my hips on his lap. My mind melted into feminine ecstasy as he lead the way toward my female orgasm. My pussy was so wet and I couldn’t believe this is what I was missing out on. My hands fell to my side as my first female orgasm broke through and my mom stepped through the doorway to see her son becoming what he always wanted and more.


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