What Have I Done?!

Tim made a wish to the one wish genie on a whim, he was half believing there was an actual genie present, so he went stupid on his wish, “If you’re a real genie, then I wish I was a sexy blonde chick with mega large boobs to my waist, do that GENIE, if you are even real ha.”

“GRANTED MISTRESS,” said the genie, referring to Tim as Mistress instead of Master, inferring the change of him to a chick.

For some reason hearing “MISTRESS” resonate in his ears, shocked him into possibly believing this genie now. As he felt the massive weights instantly appear on his now smaller frame, he looked down at his new cleavage in horror!

“What have I done?!”

Tim heard himself say this, noticing that even his voice changed to match his new physique! Also he noticed the genie was now gone along with the bottle, and any hope of him returning to his normal body. In fact, this would be his, well HER new normal from then on, as she was stuck this way for good now. To add insult to injury, she found no one had even heard of Tim, and only knew her as Tanya Tanks, mega bust stripper at the strip club downtown called “Cleavage Café”.


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