Why the long face?

Jeb looked up at his girlfriend Ally who was happily occupying his body as she returned from work. He couldn’t manage a smile at this moment.

“What’s with the long face, honey? I had a great day at the office, and golly it felt so good to pee standing next to the boss!” Ally exclaimed, her face full of excitement. “Wow, it’s such a thrill to be ‘one of the guys!’ You’ve got it made!”

Jeb dropped his left hand between his legs and took a deep breath. “Ally, could you remind me what you told me about the medallion’s magic?”

“Simple, silly. We can swap back anytime after 12 hours, as long as you’re not menstruating or pregnant,” Ally said. “Don’t worry, you’ll get your body back right now if you want it since my period isn’t due for another week. While I’ve enjoyed being a man in a man’s world, I know that it can’t last forever, sadly.”

Jeb swallowed and found it all hard to explain. “Um, listen, I felt ill so I…tried peeing on that stick today, and it came out blue. I think maybe we…I mean…do you recall when we had sex right after we swapped? I believe that your…my…well, both our bodies are fertile and we’re finally gonna have the child we always wanted.”

Ally gasped and fell to her knees. “Oh sweetie, I had no idea! I’m sorry for gallivanting at the office while you found this out. Do you want to keep this child?”

“Yes, of course I do. Could you please get me some ice cream? I could use a little boost,” Jeb said and managed a weak smile.


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