What do girls see in a guy like him?

I never understood how my friend Damian was so succesful with women. He was a good friend but the way he treated women was disgusting. I didn’t know what they saw in him. He smoked ciggarets, drank a lot and his language was vulgar yet almost all the good girls fell for him while i never had any luck. I was smarter than him, better looking and had a better job yet women avoided me.
One day after i got back from work i was tired and decided to take a nap. As i closed my eyes i thought about my friend and fell asleep.

I woke up in a diffirent place. I immidiately recognized i was at Damian’s house, but what i was doing there? Oh yes, right. Damian invited me after we met at the club two weeks ago. I roled over on my stomach and watched as Damian came in the living room. “Wow, you’re quite quick Stacy” He said seeing my jeans on the floor. I was laying on his couch, only in my shirt and black thong. I looked deep in his beautifull, blue eyes and couldn’t wait for him to join me. I knew Damian was rude, my friends warned me about him. But he was a cute bad boy and i was sure i will be able to change him when i become officially his girlfriend.


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