Look Down

Glen looked down, and that was all that it took to convince him he had changed! His girlfriend and her friends and her friends friends all attempted to make him pay for cheating, but he didn’t cheat. It was all lies and here say.

Glen decided to play along however, he actually loved being a chick now! He even rubbed it in.

“Come on babe, you think making me a chick is enough? Think again,” said Glen.

“Oh, really? Ok then, you are now into men, and have a cock craving, and I’m putting you in group sex with 50 guys, take that,” said his girlfriend Brenda.

Suddenly thoughts of men and cock entered his mind as 50 guys came into the room ready for him to suck and fuck! Glen nearly as overwhelmed with shock and desire, at his new feelings for guys! Maybe he shouldn’t have ran his mouth, and now he would be using his mouth, with no chance of running it now, except over multiple penises!


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