We Went Too Far

While my roommate Dale and I were at the bar looking to find girls to take home my ex-girl friend threw a pink liquid in my face. The stuff made me dizzy and Dale took ne home and helped me in the shower. I showered and dried but before get dressed Dale said he found a note from my Ex that said ” I know you would have moved in with me if it was not for Dale. So you will become Dales dream girl tonight and if you two are alone in the morning you will change back. I will call in the morning”. I started shrinking and growing tits and my dick turned into a pussy. I was there naked and I felt different inside too. There in front was my best friend Dale but now I saw him different. I knew I was his dream girl and he asked he could kiss me. I looked up and nodded. We started making and he laid me on the bed. I said “DALE WE CAN’T can we? Dale just as long as I don’t tell you to stop because it may get weird”. It did not get weird I exploded in 3 earth moving orgasms right when dale came in me and the sun peaked in the window. The phone rang and I saw I was still a girl and I picked up and before I said anything my EX said ” And Baby Makes Three, HAHAHAHA!”


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