Mark thought it would be easy. What better way to sneak into a rival fraternity full of nerds than to turn yourself into a busty Asian chick, right? He could go in there and steal their frat’s world champ anime trivia trophy that they were so proud of. They’d freak out. It would be hilarious.

Getting access to the spell was easier than Mark suspected. Apparently at an all male wizard school, upper classmen made a point of learning spells to turn guys into chicks. Of course since that was illegal it was kept on the down low. Mark found a sixth year senior who was unaffiliated and got him to turn Mark into the girl he’d envisioned. He even transformed her clothes into a one piece pink swim suit.

Over at the rival frat house the guys, of course, let her in. She told them she was visiting her brother and she’d heard they had a hot tub.

That’s when the plan started to break down. Mary, as Mark was calling herself, couldn’t get away from the guys. They kept following her around, flirting, and occasionally pinching her. Getting ogled was having a weird effect on her and she knew she should leave, but she’d put too much into this to back out now.

Then one of the guys kissed her and she swooned. The other guys saw this and they all pounced. They started running their hands all over Mary, bending her over and fondling her giant boobs.

She knew she’d made a big mistake when she felt one of the guys pull aside her swimsuit, exposing her dripping wet snatch. It was the spell, she told herself as she resisted the urge to beg them to fuck her. She wasn’t really liking this, she wasn’t enjoying being a girl, she wasn’t looking forward to getting gang banged…



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