Swap Families

Since swapping technology had become available but was still very expensive many TV channels took advantage of it to create game shows, the most popular was swap families. Each week swap families would feature five families that would compete against each other for prizes after each round the winning family decided if they wanted to have a prize or to swap bodies with a person from a different family. The reason that swap families was so successful was because it all spun around the families doing sexual acts.

Show in this promo for next weeks Swap families was (from left to right) Jordan Cross a sweet eighteen year old girl who had been convinced to come on the show by family by the promise of a boob job when they won, Sofia Alvarado a mother of six whose grown up kids were on the show with her and single mother of two daughters Bella Cross. This money shot clip shows Jordan, who ended up in the body of Mr Alvarado due to another family using a random swap card, cumming inside of her sisters body in the “just the tip” round. Mrs Alvarado was shocked at how easily she got the girl to cum in her new body, a body she planed to keep, Bella Cross’s smile quick disappears after seeing another family lose when her daughter loses the round for them. The rest of the promo shows the teenager turned man apologizing to her mother’s cum covered face as the mother is swapped with another Alvarado member. Then just to keep the men happy, a quick flash of Mr and Mrs Alvarado in the “hottest make out” round in their new bodies.


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