Walk Like Her

“That’s it! Heal, toe, heal toe.” My girlfriend Sarah teased from my body as I walked bottomless in heals on a treadmill, trying to perfect a feminine walk.
“I don’t understand why you’re making me do this.” I said, still not used to the high pitched voice I’ve had for two days now.
“The guy at the magic shop said that the stuff we need for the potion won’t be here for a months, and there’s no way we’re going to try to explain to everyone what happened, so we need to learn to imitate each other exactly. Keep your chest out.”She said. I straightened my posture and stuck my boobs out. I felt so stupid walking like this. “Beautiful,babe.”
“Can I take a break? My feet are starting to hurt.” I whined.
“I’m on my feet all day, so get used to it hon.”
“Ugh.” I sighed. “Well why can’t I wear pants?”
“Because then I wouldn’t be able to look at that sexy ass of yours.” She said, walking up beside me and smacking my ass, nearly making me trip. I’m not excited for the next couple parts of my “education”, if its this much of a pain in the ass learning to walk like her.


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