Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!

Tim, Stephen, and Bobby were on the road heading for Las Vegas. They were going to have a week’s worth of partying, drinking, and generally enjoying themselves. All three of them were wizards, which meant that Vegas was going to be even more fun then usual. Figuring, however, that they could get a better deal on hotels and stuff if one of them was a hot chick, they’d played three way rock, paper scissors to decide. Bobby lost, picking scissors while Tim and Stephen both picked rock.

Rebecca still insisted they had somehow cheated three hours further down the line. Bored now, she decided to mess with Tim and Stephen a little. Pulling up her shirt, she started playing with her tits and moaning, laughing at Stephen’s combined look of stunned arousal and uncertainty.

“Becca……if you keep doing that, either I’m going to end up going into a ditch or we’re going to get pulled over….” Tim said, trying to keep his eyes on the road.

Becca smirked. “Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!”


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