Vegas Bunny Girl

Harry was changed into a Vegas bunny girl for apparently cheating at the casino. He was stunned in the hotel room after the changes took place and he was left with equipment to check, his dainty right hand gently touching his new vagina!

In came a couple bouncers and the boss, of home the latter said, “So, Harry, we caught you cheating, so now you will pay as one of our employees. We consider this fair punishment, until you make back what you stole from us. After WE will decide what happens to you.”

Harry looked into a mirror across the room stunned at his new reflection, a hot blonde busty bunny girl half dressed in fishnets and stripper platform heels! He didn’t even say a word, and one of the bouncer’s whispered into his ear, his real ear, not the bunny ears on his pretty head.

“Harry, you’re not getting changed back if you think you are. The change ray we used is experimental, and a scientist professor is paying us big bucks to test this out and keep it under wraps for him. It only works once on a person. Any further uses will kill you instantly, as it did our first experiment, who escaped and used it and died. He would have lived a long life as a busty bunny girl here at the casino, but he just had to resist, and now he’s dust. We hope you are smarter than that, even though you are a blonde… ha, ha, kidding babe,” said the bouncer who then slapped his ass and left with the boss and the other bouncer.

Harry was soon brought a new ID, which read, Harriet Jenna Judge, and at that moment she realized she was judged, tried, and convicted by the casino, and knew not what her fate held after paying off what she had supposedly cheated the casino out of. The only point is… Harry never got the chance to use the casino, he had been in there looking for his girlfriend Lana, a compulsive gambler, whom he followed, while she was cheating. Now he was wrongfully accused, but was too shocked to care, he realized life would never be the same no matter what job he had, he was stuck now as a busty blonde woman for life!

To make matters worse, once his girlfriend found out what they did, she dumped him, saying she wasn’t into chicks, and told him maybe he should find a man now, as she was going to do! To make matters even more worse? This would probably happen, Harriet was starting to find the bouncers very hot, especially the one who whispered into her ear about what happened to her, and not to try to change back or she would die. She wouldn’t mind dating a big hung bouncer if he rocked her bunny girl world!


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