Not that bad after all

I know the saying “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”, but even for free a piece of junk is a piece of junk, and this truck definitely fit the bill. That’s not to say I wasn’t thankful to my uncle for setting me up with my first set of wheels, but it sucked that I had to go all the way out to his farmhouse to get it. My dad decided to drive me out to my uncle’s place to spend some time with him. During the ride out into the country, I was reminded how much I hated it. Nothing but rolling hills and cows for miles on end, the only thing breaking the monotony, a foreboding government facility off in the distance, high barbed wire fences with signs warding off trespassers with the threat of lethal force.
Once we arrived at the farmhouse, my uncle greeted us and tossed me the keys. He showed me the truck, making sure to show me the “trick” to get the it to start. I managed to start it on my own and noticed with annoyance how loud it was and how the engine seemed to shake the entire cab.
“Jesus, this thing’s about to fall apart” I thought to myself with disgust
My uncle invited us to stay for dinner, which my dad accepted. I decided to decline, wanting to get back to civilization as soon as possible. I thanked my uncle for the truck again and headed for home.
I was driving down the dirt road, passing by the government facility. I remembered the horror stories my older cousins would tell me when I was younger about the experiments the government performed there. I was lost in my memories and wasn’t paying attention to the road until I felt the truck tilt. I tried to correct myself, but found myself partway into the drainage ditch running along the side of the road before I could. I got out and saw the right side of the truck stuck in the ditch. Luckily the ground was soft due to the moisture from the water in the ditch, and I began the hard task digging a trench to get the truck out. By the time I was done my clothes were soaked. Happy with my trench I started to climb my way out of the ditch but slipped, sliding into the water in the trench below. In my panic, I swallowed some water. The unusually sweet taste overwhelmed me, and I soon found myself passing out.
I awoke some time later, pulling myself out of the ditch. It was only when I reached the road and stood up that I noticed something was wrong. Looking down, I noticed my clothes seemed huge on me. I also noticed the trucked seemed a lot bigger than in did before. Taking off my heavy jacket, I was confronted by two mounds pushing out through my sweater. My hand immediately reached down between my legs, confirming what I feared when I found my dick was no longer there. I stripped off my pants, as if by some miracle it’d be there. Instead, I saw void where my member used to be, my fingers confirming my suspicions as they probed between my legs. I now had a pussy.
Half in a daze I got back in my truck. Not knowing what else to do, I decided I would head back to my uncle’s farmhouse. However when I started the truck, a shock went through my new body. The vibrations sent through the cab, stimulating my bare nether regions against the seat. Closing my eyes, I leaned back in my seat, pulling my sweater up over my breasts, exposing my nipples to the cool country air. I felt sensations I never knew possible, and despite my situation, I wasn’t quite ready to stop. I had no idea what happened to me or what I was going to do, but at that moment all I could think was that maybe his truck wasn’t that bad after all


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