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I came back to the club, fuming with anger looking for my sister. I saw her still sitting there in the booth, but she had a few guys around her.

“Why would you do that!” I screamed at her. “Isn’t enough to have me look like this?”

“Oh Charlotte, calm down,” she said, not even looking at me. “I just thought you should experience what a woman does since you are indeed a woman.”

“That was so not cool!” I couldn’t contain my anger anymore. “You are such a bitch!” As soon as that word left my mouth she shot me the scariest look i’ve ever seen her do.

“Oh, you’ll pay for that.” She said, standing up and slamming her hands on the table. “We’re leaving. Now!” She waved her hand at me as she walked out of the club and I was forced to follow her. I couldn’t control my body right now. She put me into the car and we drove home, but the entire car ride was awkward and silent. I was scared. She led me inside and called our mom downstairs.

“Hey mom, did you know Charlotte sucked a guy off tonight?” She said, while my mother was walking downstairs. “She liked it too, but she won’t admit it.” It was true I liked it at the time I was doing it, but now it seems repulsive. I would never tell her that though. My mom looked at me and smiled.

“Aww, my new daughters first blow job!” She said as she walked up and hugged me. I pushed her off of me. “Oh, that’s no way to treat your mother, young lady.”

“I’m not a damn woman!” I screamed at both of them. My sister waved her hand at me, forcing my mouth shut and making me stand still.

“What’s gotten into our little Charlotte?” My mom asked.

“She is acting out. She called me a bitch earlier tonight, so I need to increase the curse and punishment. Have any ideas?” My mom looked at me and frowned.

“You called your lovely sister a bitch? That does need a new punishment. They both walked around my frozen bodies, eyeing me up and down. I felt so vulnerable and scared right now. “What about bigger tits?” My mom said, yanking down my clubbing dress exposing my giant breasts. She grabbed them and squeezed. “I think these could always go bigger.”

“No, no. The curse will already increase them.” My sister looked at me up and down for a few minutes. “Oh, I got it!” She walked over to my mom and whispered something into her ear. They both looked at me and laughed.

“That sounds great, start it now!” My sister waved her hand at me and I was able to move again.

“What did you do to me?” I asked her, covering up my breasts.

“Oh, you’ll see Charlotte. Go to bed now.” I lost control of my body again and I walked upstairs into my bedroom. I took off my remaining clothes and fell asleep. The next morning I woke up and checked to see if anything had changed. It looks like nothing has, so I went to go put on a t-shirt and shorts like I normally do at home. As soon as I put the shirt over my head it morphed into a tight little dress.

“What the hell?” I took it off but it remained a dress. I put on a pink shirt I had and it morphed to another tight little dress. This one really pushed up and exposed my breasts. I realized that whatever I put on would now change into something super sexy. There was no more normal clothes for me. I sighed and took my picture for the week.


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