Finally loving it

James could not believe how incredibly good it felt as the man nuzzled his neck and rubbed his clitoris.

He could not believe how incredibly turned on he was.

How alive his body felt & how every nerve tingled with pleasure from such a simple act as he felt his nipples get hard and his vagina salivating with what was yet to come.

As he finally understood why foreplay was so important to a woman as he panted and moaned.

He felt the man’s fingers slide deep inside his dripping wet pussy which felt like a bolt of electricity running through his body.

As he finally let go of any last vestules of masculinity and accepted his femininity as he gave himself wholeheartedly to the man he let chatham up in the bar and take him home.

Finally seeing the great shift as a blessing no longer as a curse and for the first time in 6 months enjoying being a woman.


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